About NVG (English)


The Netherlands Wholesale and International Trade Federation (NVG) is an umbrella organization of entrepreneurs, whose object is the safeguarding of the economic and social interests of the Dutch wholesale and international trade. Both branch associations and wholesale companies are member of NVG.

Why are we doing what we do?

The added value of NVG is to emphasize constantly the role and importance of the wholesale to Dutch economy to policymakers, politics and organisations. NVG represents the national and international interests of the whole sector. NVG collects and interprets economic, political, commercial and social information about subjects which may affect the wholesale trade now and in the future. NVG cannot do this by itself but works closely together with its’ members. NVG is proud of the results the wholesale has made also in turbulent times. NVG is therefore 100% committed to cash in the effort made also in the future.